Starts: 1st - 31st March


I'm setting myself a challenge and thought you might like to join me for 31 days on your yoga mat - all in the comfort of your own home, alone or with your friends and family.


I decided on a yoga challenge for 31 days of practice during March to get me ready for Spring. So I'll be practicing everyday whilst I'm away and liked the thought of you all joining me.


All you'll need is a yoga mat, block, strap and bolster. Alternatively, you can use a towel, large book, belt and a pillow. Then grab yourself a blanket for my favourite pose savasana ;)


I'll be posting different classes daily at 6am, from teachers all over the world, on my Facebook page for you to follow. You can then practice in the morning, afternoon or evening to suit your schedule, knowing we are all here practicing with you.


The classes will be 1 hour on a Monday, then just 10 to 25 minutes for the rest of week. The classes are for all levels so beginners are more than welcome to join us too.


I will be offering one free massage to someone who posts a apt/funny quote or photo on my facebook page. So you just need to share your yoga challenge progress by posting photos and/or comments during the challenge. That way, we can help keep each other's motivation up through the whole of March.


Looking forward to the challenge and giving the lucky yogi a massage in April.


Click the link below and register so I know your keen to join me :)


Jane xxx



Register for the challenge here. 

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