Nutrition for health & vitality


Are you suffering with:


• Arthritis • Allergies • Hay Fever • Asthma • Depression • Bowel Problems (IBS) High Cholesterol • Digestive Disorders • Stress

• Low Energy - Fatigue • ME • High Blood Pressure • PMT • Menopause • Infertility • Migraines Headaches • Muscle or Joint Pain

• Osteoporosis • Skin Conditions Eczema • Anxiety • Trouble Sleeping • Weight problems 


Whether your symptoms are severe or you are just noticing minor health problems, a nutrition for health and vitality plan can help you rebalance your body to optimum health. 


How it works:


Starting with a comprehensive health questionnaire to fully understand your health journey to date, which enables us to offer more than just a short term fix. I then take the time to carefully evaluate your nutritional needs and apply our in depth knowledge to ensure a personal nutrition plan is built specifically for you and your lifestyle.  Identifing which fundamental nutrients your body needs to work efficiently and advise you of techniques needed to maintain your body’s health. We then walk through the plan together discussing how the plan helps your personal health journey to bring change and create a healthier you.


Food is our greatest medicine,  ensuring the key nutrients are absorbed into the body; energy, vitality and health can be restored back into your life. 




Inital Nutrition for Health & Vitality 60 minutes meeting & Individual Plan - £85


Follow up 45 minute meeting - £35


Please add £5 for treatments at Waterworld Gym to cover Room Use.